About B&B

Buttons & Biscotti was formed in Feb 2009. How and why you ask? Well, its a funny story... :) Well, I actually got into a tiny accident one morning, and due to that I was super super broke. I need $$$, I thought. But how and where? Then, I had an idea - why not start a small online boutique in order to make back some of that money I spent. *briliant*

So at first, I started selling some clothes that I personally owned, but have never worn to test the online market. Honestly, I was a lil sceptical at first, but to my surprise, there were quite alot of online shoppers already at that time and the response was encouraging.

From there, I started buying clothes, in small quantities first and slowly the business grew...so here we are today. Buttons & Biscotti would not be what it is today without all your support, so I would like to thank all you ladies who have supported Button & Biscotti all this time. Love you all lots! *muak muaks*